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Over 200 unique story lines saw over 2 million visits with an average time spent of 8 minutes

Future of Advertising

Interactive video with 33 possible narratives, easter egg and an e-commerce

We were plugged in to help bring part of the Toy Lab 2.0 to life for Walmart. Using the Eko interactive platform, we produced a robust UX and creative design for the “Barbie” adventures. Subsequently produced the live action/puppetry sequences and design elements that allowed for over 200 unique story lines, saw over 2 million visits with an average time spent of 8 minutes.

" This project reimagines the future of entertainment and advertisement. With 33 possible narrative paths, dozens of easter egg surprises, and an e-commerce experience for parents to boot, I had the pleasure of leading the full-stack design efforts for this project in collaboration with some of the top creative partners around. "

— Lisa Lokshina, Lead User Experience Designer


Aux’s Role: Production
Agency: Technology, Humans & Taste (THAT)
Lead Experience Designer: Lisa Lokshina
Client: Eko / Wal-Mart
Production: Buzzfeed / Retrofit
Post Production: Particle 3 / Nathan Love


Walmart and Mattel Lease ‘Floors’ in a Virtual Toy Store Run on Interactive Video (WSJ)

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