Secretive company rocketed the late-entered candidate to #2 in the polls.

Plugged in

In only 3 months we staffed 200 people to produce over 500 ads using our network

Over Thanksgiving weekend in late November of 2019 Mike Bloomberg announced his candidacy for president. A week later, he called Aux (Christian). We were brought in to not only help produce ads for the campaign, but also to help build out what would become Hawkfish. – a secretive tech firm he started to initially help the DNC, but eventually be unleashed to take a late-entering candidate to #2 in the polls. 

Christian functioned as one of the production leads of Hawkish. Responsible for over 500 ads, campaign Podcasts, TV spots, and also recruited through our network what would become a 200 person team of producers, editors, outside partners, creatives and strategist – all within 3 months. Including one of the campaigns most viewed ads – How We Will Win & Assembly Line. Our connections provided Hawkfish and Bloomberg with employees still fighting the good fight for the 2020 election. We also became the toast of the internet for a few days / weeks with our groundbreaking tactics within the political arena.  We disrupted the way political advertising can work. We made facebook and other platforms change their rules in an unprecedented way.

We literally & legitimately changed the game.

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